Do's and don'ts of face care

A good skincare routine doesn’t just help you get rid of, and prevent skin problems, it also helps your skin stay youthful and glowing. Here are some important do's and don’ts of face care.

Do Eat Healthy Food

Great skincare starts with what food you eat. If you love junk food, consume a lot of alcohol, caffeine, and even smoke, getting perfect skin will always seem like a long distant dream and will be almost impossible to achieve. Eat foods rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, E, A and beta carotene.


Do Stay Moisturized

Moisturizing is one of the most important parts to include in your face routine, as it helps combat several different skin concerns down the road. Things like overnight moisturizers will ensure that your skin stays consistently hydrated.

Do Get enough sleep

Do Get enough sleep

It’s no secret that 7-8 hours of sleep is ideal. There’s a reason why they call it beauty sleep! Every single cell in your body requires sleep to repair themselves from any damage encountered during the day.

double cleansing

DO: Double cleanse

You may think that one wash will get every trace of dirt and makeup off your face, but that’s not the case. You really need a double cleanse to fully get everything off.

Exfoliate weekly

Do exfoliate once a week

It unclogs pores, helps prevent blackheads and removes dead skin cells for fresh, radiant skin.


Do Drink Plenty of Water

Your skin is one of the largest organs which technically covers your entire body. That means a dehydrated body will result in a dehydrated skin. Therefore, it is essential for a person to drink at least 8 glasses of water daily to keep your skin hydrated. This will maintain a healthy complexion of your skin and flush out unwanted toxins from your body.


  • DO NOT use ordinary soap to wash your face as it is too harsh for the skin on your face which is more sensitive than your body skin.
  • DO NOT apply Body creams on your face. Body creams and lotions are a lot thicker and typically contain fragrances that might irritate your facial skin. You should use face moisturizers that are gentler and more delicate.


  • DO NOT pop/pick pimples or blemishes. By popping the pimple, the bacteria in the pimple could spread to the rest of your face causing more pimples.


  • DO NOT go bed with make-up. Make-up collects dirt through-out the day therefore your skin will absorb the dirt which could cause pimples and blemishes. Cleanse your face before you sleep.


  • Do not step out without sunscreen protection. It is recommended to wear sunscreen, even if dark skinned as it protects your skin from sun burns and premature ageing.
  • DO NOT touch your face without washing your hands. Our hands collect so much dirt form all the things that we touch therefore we would transfer the dirt to our face which causes blemishes and pimples


  • DO NOT over wash your face too often. only wash your face twice a day. Washing your face too often can cause irritation, tightness or dryness thus stripping moisture from your skin.


  • DO NOT wash your face with excessively hot water as it strips natural oils from your skin thus causing dryness.


  • DO NOT use body exfoliators/scrubs on your face. Body scrubs often have hard beads and strong fragrances which are too harsh for your face especially around your eyes and lips that are knows to the most sensitive part of your face.


  • DO NOT rub-to dry. Instead pat to dry. Rubbing is harsh for your facial skin which is sensitive Use a soft cotton towel and remember to be soft and gentle.