• Alcohol-free
  • Antiperspirant Care
  • Caring
  • Clothing protection
  • Deo protection
  • Even skin tone
  • Moisturizing
  • NIVEA Scent
  • Refreshing
  • Sun protection

    Vital freshness and long-lasting deodorant protection

    With men’s deodorant from NIVEA you will begin every morning feeling refreshed – and will then enjoy reliable protection against underarm wetness and unpleasant body odour for hours and hours. Moreover, NIVEA deodorants for men have skin-friendly formulations and a large, delightful range of distinctively masculine fragrances.

    Men’s spray deodorant: The classic for everyday use

    Spray deodorants feel particularly fresh and are therefore the undisputed no. 1 and the best antiperspirant deodorant for men. Their active and care ingredients are quickly, easily and evenly distributed with the press of a button and the release of the fragrance is supported particularly effectively. The armpit is refreshed, pleasantly perfumed and lastingly protected against wetness. It is perfect for men who are in a hurry in the mornings and want to get dressed as quickly as possible! It's also the best deodorant for sweating men. Our tip: In order to get maximum performance from a spray deodorant, shake it well before use.

    Practical and compact: Men’s roll-on deodorant

    Are you looking for a deodorant to apply quickly and precisely after exercising or in the mornings? The practical applicator makes this particularly easy. If you are looking for a deodorant in a handy size and with a subtle fragrance, a deodorant roll-on is your answer. The practical men’s  roll-ons can be applied precisely, their creamy formulas leaving a protective film on the skin. Is there another advantage? Of course – mens roll-on deodorant takes up very little space in sports bags and briefcases.

    A deodorant is not the same as an antiperspirant

    A deodorant provides reliable protection against body odour, but does not prevent sweating. Deodorants inhibit the growth of odour-causing bacteria effectively. A men's deodorant with antiperspirant protection also protects against sweating. For men who naturally sweat a little or do not want to influence their sweat response, a deodorant works well. Even those who deliberately avoid aluminium salts should use a deodorant. However, for men who sweat more or want to reduce their production of sweat, an antiperspirant is the optimal choice.

    Men’s deodorants for special needs

    As effective as deodorant protection may be, some types of deodorant for men leave annoying stains on clothing. NIVEA has developed a special formula that offers protection against white residues on dark fabrics and reduces the formation of yellow spots on light fabrics. Stress and mental strain can also increase sweating. And if you are someone who pays special attention to antibacterial protection, NIVEA’s research division has developed products with water-soluble silver citrate just for you. This formulation offers highly effective protection against sweat stains and underarm wetness and is also gentle on the skin.