Combination Skin


Combination skin – a very common skin type

Combination skin is one of the most common skin types. It occurs only on the face and is oily in some places, while dry in others. This combination skin type is particularly pronounced over the T-zone on the forehead, nose and chin. The skin here is prone to excessive shininess, since this is the area with the highest density of sebaceous glands, which produce skin lipids. In addition to an oily film on the skin, it is in these areas where most blemishes occur. Unlike the T-zone, the cheeks and eye area tend to be dry. Redness and irritation may occur, and sometimes isolated spots in this area may appear flaky. Low humidity, caused by heaters, for example, encourages this dryness. On warm days, however, the oily areas are more apparent. You should therefore take into account the season when choosing the right skin care products for combination skin.

Combination skin – the right care for oily and dry skin areas

For combination skin, it is important to create an ideal balance. Because skin is both oily and dry, a balance needs to be established that takes into account both properties. Oily areas should not become oilier, so as to prevent blemishes. Dry areas, however, must get sufficient moisture. In order to perform this balancing act without using a variety of skin care products, specific combination products were developed for combination skin. Cleanse your skin twice daily with warm water and a mild cleansing gel or mousse, which rids the skin of excess sebum and dirt. A scrub with extra fine scrub particles to prevent blemishes is also suitable for the T-zone. After washing, we recommend that you apply a moisturising day cream. Many products already contain an SPF, which provides you with optimal protection. In the evening, use a richer night cream that regenerates the skin; you can apply it more liberally on the dry areas of your face. From time to time, you could refrain from moisturising the T-zone.

Special applications for combination skin

In addition to daily cleansing and care, there are other things you can do to ensure optimal care for combination skin. Every now and then you can apply a facial scrub that removes dead skin cells and deep-cleanses the skin. Special clear-up strips or a peel-off mask also rid the T-zone of impurities and refine the pores. Instead of heavy make-up, you can use innovative BB creams that cover and moisturise, thus ensuring a flawless complexion. For removing make-up, a gentle cleansing lotion is recommended. Is combination skin not your skin type? Find information and tips on normal skin, blemished skin, sensitive skin or dry skin at