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Men’s shaving products: no more cuts or razor burns

Say goodbye to nicks, bumps, cuts and razor burn – all you need are the right products and techniques to transform the daily task of shaving into a pleasant endeavor. To begin with, you must understand that the act of shaving itself isn’t the first step of your shaving routine. First you must prep the skin so there will be minimal drag on the razor. To do so, start by warming the area with a hot towel or shave after having a shower. Next, apply a generous amount of shaving gel, cream or foam, depending on your needs, and don’t be afraid of adding more lather as you need it. While shaving, use a sharp blade so you don’t have to press too hard against your skin (and just use minimal pressure in general when shaving), and shave with the grain instead of against to make things non-irritating on the skin. Now, after you’ve cleared away your hairs, make sure to use an aftershave – NIVEA’s aftershaves have been specially developed to comfort, moisturize and protect the skin against razor burn. 

What’s your facial hair style?

Facial hair can completely alter the way a man’s face looks and makes a big impression about their personal style. Plus, beards and other styles of facial hair are becoming trendier – it’s more likely nowadays to see men sporting sideburns or a goatee rather than being completely clean shaven. Facial hair styles run the gamut from being relatively easy to grow and take care of, such as 5 o’clock stubble, to full beards or goatees, which require trimming, edging and specializing cleansing. A good rule of thumb is to choose whichever style you are ready to commit time for. Now, if you’ve decided to adorn your face with some extra hair, remember to keep things looking tidy and healthy by running a trimmer over it every so often, and to shampoo and condition it often. Other products you can use to keep your facial hair looking top notch are beard oils and balms. Finally, don’t forget about the skin underneath the hair – make sure to use a deeply nourishing facial moisturizer to avoid dry skin and the flakes that come with it.