How To Properly Cleanse Your Face

How To Properly Cleanse Your Face


Wash your hands

If your hands contain bacteria, this will transfer to your face – that’s why washing your hands before you get started on cleaning your face is essential.


Wet Your Face

Splash your face with lukewarm water to moisten it. This prepares the skin for thorough cleansing.


Apply the cleanser

Take a penny-sized amount of your cleanser and gently massage it over your face, making sure to cover most sections, but avoiding the delicate eye area.


Rinse the face

After massaging the product in properly, simply use lukewarm water to rinse all of the cleanser off the face using your fingers or a flannel. And voila – clean and refreshed skin! It’s as easy as that.

5 Tips for Washing Your Face

Wash face tips

  1. Always use lukewarm water – too hot and it’ll dehydrate your skin, leaving it dry


  2. Avoid tugging on the skin as you rub in your cleanser, particularly around the delicate eye area, this could cause irritation to your skin.


  3. Avoid over-cleansing as it strips the essential oils on your skin – twice a day is enough


  4. Don’t use skin care products containing harsh chemicals


  5. Clean morning and night