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Tips for getting the most out of your shower routine

It’s important to take out some time every day to give your skin the treatment it needs to stay healthy, and fresh. There is no better way to start off your perfect shower routine, than with NIVEA perfect range of shower products, made just for you.

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NIVEA Creme Soft

This creamy shower gel with almond oil, envelops your skin with a caring soft foam, leaving it silky smooth. Its gentle scent indulges your senses and gives you a moment of relaxation.

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NIVEA Fresh Powerfruit

This formula with Acai Berry and Blueberry, refreshes your skin, leaving it feeling soft and full of energy.

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NIVEA MEN Cool Kick Shower Gel leaves your body, face, and hair, feeling revitalized and well cared for. This caring formula, with its pleasantly fresh scent, provides your skin with long-lasting freshness – for 24 hours fresh effect.

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This caring formula with ocean minerals and fresh masculine scent provides long-lasting freshness - preparing you to face any challenge.

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NIVEA MEN Vitality Fresh

The NIVEA MEN Energy Shower Gel with energizing mint extract and fresh masculine scent refreshes under the shower, providing you with energy and freshness. It cares for your hair and skin, providing it with a 24 hours freshness effect.

Helpful tips for your shower routine

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  1. Run your water until it’s hot enough but isn’t scalding. The ideal temperature for a shower is water that isn’t too hot, so your skin is able to retain its natural oils.
  2. Do a quick rinse to wet your skin, prior to applying any bath wash.
  3. Using a sponge, or your hands, apply any of the NIVEA Shower Gel variants to your body. Start at your neck and shoulders and work your way down the length of your body. Remember to wash your legs and between your toes too.
  4. Thoroughly rinse off any foamy buildup to ensure they’re no leftover particles that would be drying on your skin.
  5. Finally, switch to lukewarm or cool water for your final rinse, to tighten your pores. This will give you the invigorating kick you need to start your day right.


Water temperature plays a key role when trying to achieve the perfect shower routine and has a big impact on your skin

Hot Water:

Although there's nothing better than a hot shower to relax or wake up to on a cold morning, it could actually be damaging to your skin’s health.

As a general rule, if your skin stings in the shower, or becomes too hot to touch, your shower is too hot and it could be causing harm to your skin. This is because using hot water strips your skin of its natural oils and dries out your skin.

Please note that hot water shouldn’t be used directly on your face, as it can cause more harm than good. Cold water is much better.

Cold Water:

There are many benefits to showering with cold water and you should try to implement cold water into your skincare routine.

  • Pores become tightened, making skin feel firmer and also restricting the amount of dirt that can get into your pores.
  • Improves the skin's ability to respond to injury.
  • Allows your skin to retain its natural oils without drying out.

Although a shower routine alone isn’t the key to happiness or all-around healthy skin, it’s important to take moments to care for yourself, even in the littlest of ways. Once you understand what it means to make more time for yourself, (even if it’s just a few more minutes for each shower) you’d see that it’s worth it, for your own sanity, and your skin will thank you.