New NIVEA Radiant & Beauty Range


Developed for your shade of beautiful

Your Skin Deserves Unique Care

Your skin makes you unique! It’s your identity, your energy and your strength. At NIVEA, we understand that skin of colour deserves to be celebrated and honoured with products designed to meet its specific needs.
This is why we created our Radiant & Beauty range - developed for our skin!
Our ingredients were chosen to provide care and nourishment - made especially for skin of colour - so you can stay true to yourself! Bring out your natural glow, nourish dry skin, reduce stretch marks and even your skin tone with NIVEA Radiant & Beauty - For your shade of beautiful.
Stay true to your skin with NIVEA Radiant & Beauty Range Products made especially for you

NEW Radiant & Beauty: Special formulation for nourished skin and reduced stretch marks in 2 weeks.

The New NIVEA Radiant & Beauty body lotion is specially made for melanin-rich skin to nourish, repair and keep it smooth. It is formulated with 5 oils and 5 vitamins that gives your skin a natural shine so you can glow in your shade of beautiful.


Reveal the true beauty and radiance of your skin. Specially developed for the needs of melanin-rich skin, giving you a silky, smooth feel so you can radiate your natural glow.
Look and feel special with the fast-absorbing body lotion that gives you lingering nourishment and skin glow.

NIVEA Advanced Care & Even Glow Radiant & Beauty Range

Powerful Products And Ingredients

Your skin is your power! That’s why our NIVEA Radiant & beauty range was developed with powerful ingredients to address the needs of skin of colour. Packed full of nourishing ingredients - to give your rich, beautiful skin a healthy glow!
NIVEA Radiant & Beauty Advanced Care Product
NIVEA Radiant & Beauty

Advanced Care

Our unique blend of 5 oils and vitamins gently exfoliates dry skin, improving its texture by removing dead skin cells. The formula penetrates the skin providing instant relief from dryness, while locking-in moisture for 48h long-lasting nourishment.
NIVEA Radiant & Beauty Even Glow Product
NIVEA Radiant & Beauty

Even Glow

Our new formula with 95% Pure Vitamin C, Pearl Extract and SPF15 help to even skin tone by reducing the appearance of dark spots, brightening the skin and improving skin texture, leaving it moisture and healthy-looking.