Proven 48-hr Sweat Protection


NEW Improved NIVEA Dry Comfort

Looking for an anti-perspirant with extra protection? NIVEA Dry Comfort with its improved formula gives you that extra anti-perspirant performance for a dry feeling and 48hr protection against sweat and body odour. It’s real life tested.

New Improved NIVEA Dry Impact

NIVEA Dry Impact with its improved formula leaves you feeling dry and fresh with 48hr protection against sweat and body odour.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often can I use this product?

You can use the NIVEA Dry Impact and Dry Comfort as frequent as your normal deodorant/anti-perspirant product.

Does this product cause more irritation to the skin than traditional deodorants?

No! NIVEA Dry Comfort and Dry Impact, as with all other NIVEA products have been thoroughly tested for their efficacy and skin compatibility before they were launched. In all tests cases, NIVEA Dry products are proved to work consistently very well with your skin.

What's the difference between an anti-perspirant and a deodorant?

A deodorant is a product which is specifically made to prevent body odour. Bacterial activities in underarm sweat is what causes body odour. Deos kill this body odour with the help of perfume and anti-bacterial agents.

An anti-perspirant on the other hand is a product that prevents perspiration. Antiperspirants give you more value by acting as effective deodorants, as well as delivering two benefits of malodour and wetness protection. They regulate the underarm wetness to prevent wet marks on your clothing.

Where does the bad smell of sweat come from?

Our sweat pores produce a milky and odourless substance. The typical perspiration odour is caused by bacteria that are found in that part of the human body. Especially in the armpit area, sweat cannot evaporate well, whereby the bacteria multiply faster. This means that unpleasant odour and excessive sweating may occur. This can be prevented by the use of deodorants or anti-perspirants.

What is so special about the improved formula of NIVEA Dry anti-perspirant?

NIVEA Men Deodorant “Dry Impact Plus” and Women “Dry Comfort Plus” –gives you extra anti-perspirant performance for a dry feeling and caring 48h protection against sweat and body odour. For the first time NIVEA research developed a formula containing a second, additional anti-perspirant agent. This unique “DryPlus system” gives you reliable, 48h protection against sweat and body odour.

  • Effective regulation of perspiration - with Dry-Plus System and minerals
  • 48h anti-perspirant protection and gentle NIVEA® care
  • Skin tolerance dermatologically proven
  • Without alcohol or colourants

How does NIVEA Dry anti-perspirant smell?

NIVEA fragrance experts took the time to create and test a harmony of fragrance ingredients that will ensure a new feeling of fresh and effective anti-perspirant performance throughout the day. The NIVEA DRY COMFORT and Dry IMPACT guarantees a lasting dry feeling of freshness all day long.

What does "tested in real life" mean?

The effectiveness of antiperspirants is usually tested under controlled lab conditions, including high temperatures. In addition to that, to get much closer to consumers’ real needs, we have now developed our new real-life testing equipment: The Smart Sweat Tracking Shirt.

The integrated wires in the Smart Sweat Tracking T-Shirt pick up body temperature, motion and perspiration, and transmit sweat data to a cloud providing scientists with real-life information on why, when and how much we sweat. This gives NIVEA the chance to test their product where life really happens, and proving that NIVEA DRY anti-perspirant works and keeps consumers dry when it really matters – in their daily lives.