Harmattan skincare

We have some tips to take care of your skin during Harmattan. Whether that's dry, chapped lips or flaky skin due to the dry and cold weather - we've got you covered.

Keeping hydrated in Harmattan

Hydration – The Harmattan air tends to be much drier and this can strip your skin off essential moisture. So, you need to ensure that you are always hydrated.
Drinking enough water is probably one of the best things you can do for this. While you might not feel as thirsty as you would in the warmer seasons, it's still important to keep your hydration levels topped up. In addition to this, incorporating effective hydrating products like NIVEA Nourishing, NIVEA Nourishing Cocoa and NIVEA MEN Revitalizing amongst others into your Harmattan skin care routine will be beneficial.

Exfoliate away dry, dead skin

The flaky and chapped skin during Harmattan is something most of us have experienced - using a gentle exfoliating scrub can be great for removing everyday debris and dead skin cells from your face.

Exfoliators also allow the ingredients in your other skin care products, such as serums and moisturizers, to penetrate the skin more effectively. This is ideal if you experience dehydrated and dry skin in the harmattan months. Don't be too aggressive when you exfoliate as this can damage your skin's natural protective layer and cause further issues.

Avoid hot showers and baths

When you've got the harmattan itch it can be tempting to have a hot lengthy bath or shower especially when it's bleak outside and the temperatures are plummeting. Lukewarm water for showers and face washing is preferable.

If the temperature of your water is too high, this will remove moisture from the skin making things worse for dry skin in harmattan. Try limiting yourself to a quick wash and the longer your skin is exposed to hot water the further potential there is for drying out and irritating your skin.

Don’t use harsh soap

As well as extremely hot water, traditional soap can also be incredibly drying to the skin. This is the last thing you need when the temperatures are low outside, and your skin is feeling itchy or dry as a result. Try to avoid using harsh soaps when washing and simply use water and a gentle body wash.

Skin Types in Harmattan

There's often no one-size-fits-all solution to harmattan skincare especially with people of different skin types

Cold Weather and Sensitive Skin

Cold weather and sensitive skin go hand in hand... but they don't have to!

- The low humidity during harmattan can increase sensitivity, combine that with the harsh winds and you'll need protection. Make sure to wrap up warm and use a jacket to add an extra barrier against the cold and dry weather.

- Stay moisturized indoors. Apply a generous amount of body lotion even if you don’t plan on heading out.

Dealing with Oily Skin

Having combination skin or oily skin might seem like a curse sometimes, but these skin types are often least affected by the harsh harmattan weather.

The rule of thumb for these skin types is to keep up your usual routine in terms of cleansing, moisturizing, exfoliating and applying SPF.  You might have to do less of this than someone who has sensitive or dry skin or even those with a normal skin type.